Today was a rainy and gloomy summer day here in northwest Ohio. Instead of staying inside, doing laundry and other mundane tasks, we decided to get out of the house. Kevin needed to find a birthday gift for his mom and he told the girls we could go "look around" at the pet store.

Three hours later we were the proud owners of that adorable kitten you see up there.

Let's talk about this a bit.

We used to have two cats - Daisy and Gatsby. They were MY cats. My babies. I had adopted them both before I met Kevin and I loved them more than I can explain here. Daisy was my first love - she was moody, loving, loud, and had an attitude that would never be 'adjusted.' She was THE alpha kitty. Gatsby was the exact opposite - she was shy, quite, and lovable toward everyone.

Daisy had many health issues in her short life. Advanced periodontal disease that led to all of her teeth being pulled, kidney issues and then at age 8, she was diagnosed with 'water diabetes' and we had to put her to sleep. It was devastating. A year later we had to give Gatsby away. I will not go into detail, but it was also devastating.

Since then cats have been a 'taboo' topic in our house. Kevin didn't want to talk about getting another one. I didn't talk about how much I wanted another cat. But the girls, well they were a different story. All Emma has been talking about is HOW MUCH she NEED a kitty. Olivia wasn't as vocal, but every time we saw kittens, we had to stop and look.

Today, we stopped and looked.
We found a four month old kitten name "Chance."
The girls FELL. IN. LOVE.

And so, we took a Chance and filled out the adoption papers and now we have a kitten.

We've renamed him Shadow.
And he's quite perfect.

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