Another (furry) addition to the family

Well folks, there he is....Mickey the guinea pig. Emma has been begging for a guinea pig ever since she started kindergarten (her class has one for a pet) and so, we bought her a "starter kit" cage set for her birthday. And then we went on a cruise. So we didn't buy a guinea pig to go with the cage.

I think maybe I was hoping we could go for months without getting a little furball. But no, Emma is very persistent. "I can't wait to get a guinea pig!" was the one thing she kept saying once we came home from the cruise.

And so today we went to the pet store and bought Mickey.

I have to admit he's kind of cute. And cuddly if you don't pay attention to his creepy claws.

And yes, I'm still allergic to the Timothy Hay that the furry little guy has to eat. Not sure how we're going to get around that issue. But Emma is happy and that's the most important thing.

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