Adventures in Alopecia - Now You Know

Well would ya look at that?

It's freakin' April.

Yes, I sucked at blogging for a couple of weeks (again). I blame spring break.

Because, ya know, I was SO SUPER BUSY doing nothing here in Ohio.

I'm back now.
You know, back from being lazy.
And not caring if I blog or not. ;-)

So today was a big day. It was the first time SINCE JANUARY that Olivia went to school and didn't wear a headband. [and at this point you're probably sitting there like 'huh?' and wondering what the hell I'm talking about].

Here goes....

Olivia has alopecia.
There now that cat is out of the bag.

This means she has bald spots on her scalp where the hair has totally fallen out. We found out about it back in December and we've been doing our best to hide it since then. And for a 12-year-old girl "hiding it" means wearing decorative stretchy headbands every single day when you go to school so no one can see the bald spots.

Lately though Olivia has become more comfortable with her hair - probably because some of the spots are starting to regrow hair (!!!!) and she's been ditching the headbands at home and out in public. But today was the very first time she's gone without one to school. I put braids in her hair this morning (her new style choice of late) and she looked in the mirror and said "cool."

It's a big freaking deal, trust me.

I never thought I'd celebrate something like hair growth but every time we notice that more hair is growing in we do a little happy dance.

So yeah. It's a big hair day around here.

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