Tuesday Thoughts ... Internet Birthday Edition

It's Tuesday. Again.
Let's hope today is better than Monday.
It started out with the contact lenses going into the correct eyes, so I already have a leg up today. ;)

So what are my thought today?
One thing: social media.

In particular how much I dislike some aspects of social media on any given day.
(This seems appropriate since today IS the 25th anniversary of the ol' internet).

I don't hate social media all the time. Some days I really like it. But on some days...I really, REALLY dislike social media. Like yesterday. When I asked for positive energy and got crap.

Here's the thing:
I am 43 years old.
I've been a parent for 12 1/2 years.
I know what is best for my child.

I didn't ask for anyone's opinion.

What I asked for were (1) good thoughts and (2) good vibes for Olivia who is nursing a not-too-serious but rather painful foot injury.

Good vibes, people.


I don't know what Olivia's foot will feel like in a few weeks. I don't know how she will feel about putting on her ballet shoes when the time comes. But that is a decision that we'll make together - me, Olivia, and her dad.

Right now my job is to keep Olivia as unstressed as humanly possible so that we don't have another cycle of alopecia.Yeah, that's right. I don't want to stress out my kid about her foot and ballet and auditions because I don't want her hair to fucking fall out. Again.

Yeah. Keep reading.

We're finally (knock on wood) to the point where all of her bald spots are almost filled in with new hair. And if I told her today that there was no way on God's Green Earth that she would be able to audition in 26 days that would UNDOUBTEDLY cause her a lot of fucking stress and unhappiness.

Which could very easily lead to a new cycle of alopecia.
And no one wants that right now. 

But I get it.
Everyone wants to pass out advice on Facebook even when they aren't asked to do so.
Everyone is an expert in everything on social media.

I'm not a doctor but I play one on Facebook.
I'm not a parenting expert but let me tell YOU how to raise your kids. 
I know you didn't ASK for my opinion but let me give it to you anyway.  

The funny thing is: when I did post something later last night asking for good vibes for Olivia (after deleting the initial post because I JUST CAN'T RIGHT NOW), only a few (very wonderful and thoughtful) people posted positive thoughts.

Which leads me to wonder: is it just that much easier to hand out unsolicited advice and/or negative comments than it is to write out positive thoughts? Are we to a point on social media where you can't just hit "like" and say "good luck"?

If we are, that makes me sad.
Social media means you're supposed to be social. 

Anyway...happy 25th to the internet.
Sometimes you're the best thing ever.
And sometimes you really suck.

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