2016 - A (very brief) Year in Review.

So, today's the last day of 2016.
Can't say I'm too sad about the end of this year.
It hasn't been the best year ever, right?

Between the election results, the never-ending loop of celebrity deaths, and a general feeling of suckiness this year...I'm glad to see it go.

Personally this year has been full of several challenges - mostly health-releated. Olivia was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases in the first five months of the year. This fall we discovered she was allergic to gluten (not in an EpiPen, life threatening way) and that seems to be one of the causes of the auto-immune issues.

I started the year feeling like crap and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May. The rest of the year was spent struggling to feel "normal," trying to figure out what caused me to feel worse, and often failing on both accounts.

But the year wasn't ALL bad. We did take an amazing family vacation in June - cruising to the Western Caribbean with the whole family. The girls are loving school - 4th and 7th grades. Olivia is still dancing and Emma is doing great in volleyball and basketball.

And I still LOVE my job.
So there's that.

As it is, I'm happy to see 2016 end and am hoping that 2017 will be better.

A girl can hope. Right? ;-)

Happy New Year!

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