Thursday Thoughts

See? I told you'd I'd be back...when I had something to say.

So today as I was straightening my (naturally very curly) hair - which is quite the time suck - I was thinking about how at the end of next month (!!!) Emma was be finishing elementary school and Olivia will be finishing junior high.

This isn't to say that I JUST realized these milestones. But I had a different realization about it.

I've been a work-at-home mom since 2011 when I quit the WORST JOB IN THE HISTORY OF ALL JOBS.

This means I've been working at home for the entirety of Emma's elementary school experience. She started kindergarten in the fall of 2012 (which seems like yesterday if I'm being totally honest) and now at the end of May she's moving on to middle school / junior high.

So here's where my hair straightening "deep thoughts" took me today...

I'm super lucky. 

As a work-from-home mom I've been able to be at EVERY classroom party for Emma (and for Olivia when she was in elementary school as of 2011). Yep, every party except Emma's LAST school party ever because I had Influenza A.

I've been able to attend every during-the-school-day event and field trip (and have chaperoned all of them since 2011 for both girls). And, I even had time to be an officer for the PTOs for both girl's schools for the past three years.

I realized just how damn lucky I am that I can do this. Don't get me wrong - it's not easy to juggle working at home (or away from home) with all of your kids' needs and wants but somehow I'm managing to do it.

And it's awesome.

I love that I was able to be at home every day when Emma and Olivia got off the bus from school. I love that I can pick them up from school when needed. I love that if or when they were sick I didn't have to find an alternative for childcare - I could just plant them on the couch while I worked! I love that I can just rearrange my day when there's a field trip or in-school event.

Yep. I'm lucky. 

Sure I might complain from time to time about classroom party planning or field trips, but I wouldn't have changed any of it.

And, I can't imagine ever having to work IN an office again. ;-D

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