Oh, the irony

Had to take Olivia to the emergency room today. She fell off her step stool in the bathroom and hit her chin on the countertop and bit a hole in her bottom lip. (See photo for proof of the injury).

And to think, just yesterday my column in the Toledo Free Press was about baby bobbles and how that doesn't make one a bad mom. Ironic? Maybe just a bit.

OK, so I wasn't holding Olivia when she fell, but I was RIGHT THERE and couldn't catch her. Yep, Mommy of the Year award...here I come!

She's fine though...no stitches required. Just a few days on amoxocillin to prevent infection. Probably could have skipped the ER altogether, except that the ped's office told me to take her (they don't do stitches and if she needed them, I would have wasted a trip to their office -- that was what they said). So, instead we spent more than an hour in the ER only to be told "no stitches." Oh well, I guess it made me feel better.

And as long as my baby girl is OK, that's all that matters.

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