Christmas Trees

Yes. I am decorating for Christmas.


No. I don't give a damn if you like it or approve of it.

That's all. 


It's Like Groundhog Day Around Here

And yes, I'm talking about the movie 'Groundhog Day' where Bill Murray's character keeps having the same day over and over again.

That is exactly what life feels like right now.

6:15 a.m. wake up. 6:30 wake up kid #1, make her breakfast. Pack lunch #1. Wake up kid #2, make her breakfast. Make sure kid #1 is dressing appropriately for school. Tell kid #1 goodbye. Get kid #2 dressed. Pack lunch #2. Stand on driveway with kid #2 until bus arrives. Go inside. Two options (a) drink coffee or (b) head to gym. Come home. Shower. Work all day. Three days out of five take one kid or the other to dance class. Come home. Do laundry or other stuff. Go to bed.


I sort of feel as if I'm on autopilot these days and it is quite annoying.

It's WAY TOO EARLY in the school year to feel like I'm living my own personal Groundhog Day.

I'm hoping vacation next month fixes this.

Anyone else feeling like they're stuck in a routine lately?


Ten Years

It seems this blog turned 10 years old a couple days ago.

Ten years.

That's a long time to be blogging I suppose.

I started this little ol' blog before Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram were all the rage. I just wanted to write about things that were happening in and around my little "fishbowl."

And now 10 years later I'm still here. Still writing (occasionally). Maybe people are reading it, maybe not.

I've had the chance to do some cool stuff thanks to this blog including attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference twice, being invited to Conversations with Coca-Cola, having the chance to visit Put-in-Bay with my family a couple of times, staying in an amazing vacation home with friends, and so much more.

With this blog I've never cared about page visits or advertising or any of that. It's just my blog where I put my thoughts down on the computer screen and if people read it that's great. If they don't read it, oh well.

So happy bloggy birthday to the fishbowl.

And if you're still out there reading what I'm writing - thanks! ;)


At Least Your Toes Look Pretty

I'm calling yesterday "Groundhog Day for the Boot."

Went to the ortho surgeon for a(nother) follow-up appointment to see if the perpetual boot wearing and physical therapy was actually helping my ankle.

Long story short - it's not.

Doc poked and prodded my ankle (and it hurt like HELL). Then he tells me to stand on my toes on BOTH feet. No problem. Then he says, "OK pick up your left foot so you're ONLY standing on your right foot."

Not gonna happen.
I can't stand on my toes on my right foot.

So doc says "well, I would normally recommend that brace you got four years ago but I know you don't like it." No, I hate it.

And then he says "so let's so SIX MORE WEEKS of the boot and physical therapy." (Hence the Groundhog Day reference...the boot saw its shadow and I'm stuck in it for six more weeks).

And if that doesn't work? Then we talk about an MRI and possibly surgery.

I'm stuck in this effin' boot for six more weeks. But, as everyone is so keen to point on, at least my toes look pretty.


Back to School

The house is strangely quiet this morning.
There's no music. No Cartoon Network. No "Just Dance" on the Wii.
No fighting.
Just quiet.

Today they went back to school.

Olivia started junior high middle school today. She's in 6th grade - I refuse to call that junior high. Back in the day (you know, back in the 80s) 6th grade was STILL in elementary school. Where it SHOULD BE.

But I digress...

My baby isn't a baby anymore.
She's a smart and sassy 6th grader.

Also, I cried as she got on the bus to go to MIDDLE SCHOOL. Thankfully the bus stop was a few houses down so I didn't embarrass her. (I may or may not have cried for a good 10 minutes AFTER the bus drove away. But I'm not admitting anything.)

And Emma? She's starting third grade. She's riding the bus for the FIRST TIME without her big sister. They won't be in the same school again UNTIL HIGH SCHOOL (you know, ,when Liv is a senior and Emma is a freshman). Sigh...

My big girl...

Seriously look at the legs on this kid. She's all legs. Hello basketball scholarship. ;)
Emma is so excited for third grade - she got the teacher she (and we) wanted! And, as an added bonus I managed to NOT cry when she got on the bus.

All in all I hope this is going to be a good year.

Happy back to school day!


The Good, the Bad, and the Crutches

So yesterday was my "three week follow up" at the ortho surgeon's office.

Good news: I can "ease off" the crutches. Which in my world means throw those bitches to the curb. I'm done trying to go "non-weight bearing." Buh-bye.

Other good news: I can drive again. As long as it doesn't hurt. Well, guess what? It freaking HURTS like a mother. But, I'm going to drive. Because I'm sick of being driven around like a 42-year-old Miss Daisy. I'll limit how much I drive.

Meh news: I'm stuck in this damn walking boot for another four weeks. Maybe six weeks. Maybe longer. Who knows.

Also, I have to do 4-6 weeks of physical therapy. I despise physical therapy. It hurts. It makes me miserable. But I'll do it.


Because my end goal is to walk around Walt Disney World Resort for a week in November without pain.

Seems like a good goal to me.


Would You Like a Glass of Water?

So last night I'm doing my "normal" Monday night television routine - which means I was watching the amazing trainwreck known at 'The Bachelorette. (Don't judge, I know it is mindless television but it's an addiction).

Anyway, at about 9 p.m. (just as soon-to-be-rejected bachelor Nick wants to show Kaitlyn the gift he has for her in the bedroom!!!!) the local news breaks into the show for BREAKING NEWS.

Now, in the summer in Toledo BREAKING NEWS at 9 p.m. can mean one of two things: severe weather or water crisis.

Remember last August when we couldn't drink or bathe in the city's water supply for THREE DAYS? Yeah, that was a lot of fun.

Well, last night's BREAKING NEWS was to let us know that while they have detected the microcystin IN THE LAKE (an amount equal to one half of a blade of grass on a football field) the drinking water in the city is still "safe to consume."

Yeah. Right.
I bet it is.
Have you smelled the water lately?
It smells like chemicals.
And when you shower in it there is a nasty film left behind on your skin.
Safe? Not so much. 

I always love news conferences that start with something like "OK first let's just put it out there - the water is safe to drink...BUT...."

Yeah, but....we found some toxins 3 miles out in the lake and we're making sure to keep the water safe for all the residents.

Uh-huh. Sure you are.

Look I get it, the mayor wants to be totally transparent and keep all of us informed about what is going on with the water.

But let's think about this for a minute, shall we? The local news channels have been promoting the "one year anniversary" of the 2014 water crisis for at least a week now. And all the stations and our "newspaper" have been talking for weeks on end about how the algae is out there in the lake but it's not bad. Yet.

So you have nearly half a million residents of Toledo and the surrounding areas remembering what it was like last August while the media keeps shoving it in our faces with photos and video of the nasty green lake water. And now you're going to break into the nightly TV programming with a BREAKING NEWS report to tell us the water is safe?

Yeah. I'm almost buying that.

I sent Kevin to the store last night to buy more bottled water.

So far we have about 13 cases of bottled water in the basement - which means we're ready for the next water crisis or the zombie apocalypse - whichever comes first.



Yes, I'm grumpy.
I'm irritable.
I'm annoyed.

I've been on these stupid crutches and wearing this ridiculous walking boot since July 9. I will be stuck with them until July 30.


Nine more days of no driving. Of asking people to take me places. Of sending my husband to the grocery store.

Nine more days of being annoyed.

I have no idea if this whole walking-boot-crutches-non-weight-bearing nonsense is working. I'm still having pain in my ankle. It's not as swollen as it was, but it still hurts.

And NO. I'm not doing 100 percent non-weight bearing 100 percent of the time. Because I can't. I have to walk up the stairs without crutches. I have to stand in the shower on two feet. It is damn near impossible to NOT put weight on my foot at times.

Plus...have you seen me? There's no way I can NOT put weight on my foot. I mean, c'mon. I'm talented and all but damn I have CURVES. That isn't happening.

Also, I'm sick and tired of not being able to drive. I'm one of those annoying Type A independent I CAN DO THIS MYSELF!!! type of people. Which means when someone says "Oh, can I get you anything?" or "Let me know if you need help"....my response is going to be NO.

It's not that I don't appreciate the offers (I really do) ... it's just that I hate needing help. Like I really, really, really don't like it. At all.

I want to get in my car and run my own errands.
I want to go to the gym. (Never thought I'd say THAT...but I haven't been to the gym in TWO WEEKS and I actually miss working out. Which just makes me grumpier.)

And yes, I realize that I'm stubborn.
This is NOT a news flash.

So if you happen to see me or talk to me in the next nine days and I seem a bit a lot grumpy, don't take it personally.

I'm just in a bad mood.


Four Years

This was in my Time Hop today:

Four years ago today I quit my job with the Trolls. I sent my resignation via email to the corporate office in Cincinnati, told the regional manager I was quitting, packed up my office, and walked out of the WORST. JOB. IN. THE. HISTORY. OF. EVER.

That Facebook post seen above was exactly how I felt on July 18, 2011.

Four year ago.

It's crazy that it's been FOUR YEARS. A lot has happened since then.

Professionally, I've been working from home since 2012 and I love it.

The job I've been in for the past 2 1/2 years is the BEST JOB EVER and I thank my lucky stars every day for this job. I love what I'm doing. I work for someone who respects me and respects my work. I adore my co-workers - we're a TEAM even though we are scattered throughout the country.

So it seems that four years is the point in time where that old job is just a distant memory that can't have a negative effect on my anymore. In the 12 months after I quit I was still dealing with the damage that months of bullying did to me.

But now?

Now I trust my ability to do a good job.
I trust my ability as a writer.
I feel confident in my work.

And did I mention that I love my job?

Yeah. You know you're in the right job when you wake up every single morning and think "I can't wait to get to work." Two and a half years into this job and it still excites me. THAT is key to job happiness.


Fell Off My Unicorn

Yes you read that right.

I fell off my unicorn.

Or at least that's what I'm going to tell people for the next TWO WEEKS when they ask why I'm on crutches.

I'm sick and tired of trying to explain why I'm on crutches.

This is why I'm "out of commission" right now: Four long years ago I was "training" for a 5K and I was also on antibiotics (ciproflaxin to be exact) ... and I partially ruptured my Achilles tendon. That injury didn't heal properly and it ended up causing Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and post tibular tendonitis. Fast-foward to right here and now and my post tib tendonitis has been getting worse and worse over the last 3 years and now I'm to the point that if I can't get it "calmed down" I'm looking at a cast or possibly even reconstructive surgery.

Dear post tib tendon: Calm. The. F**K. Down. Please.

But honestly I can't ramble on for minutes telling people that lame ass story about partially ruptured tendons and never-ending tendonitis. It's boring. And it's stupid. And people just end up staring at me like "WTF is this crazy woman talking about?"

Which brings me to the unicorn.

I am now telling people that I'm on crutches and in a walking boot because I fell off my unicorn.

Like this:

Any questions?