Oh hai....it's JUNE!

Yes. I'm still here.
Yes. I still blog.
Most of the time I just THINK about blogging and then I get sidetracked and nothing happens.

Anyway...here we are...three weeks into summer "break" and I've been on the GO since the end of May.

We took vacation to the Outer Banks at the beginning of the month. Truth be told, I'd rather still be at the beach. I'm pretty sure I need to retire (someday...hahahahaha) to the beach. Specifically to the OBX.

For real. I'd never get tired of looking at the sunrise.

There's just something SO relaxing about the beach - and I have no problem waking up at 5:45 a.m. almost every day to see the sunrise.

Back to reality now....
This summer is going to be SO BUSY.

Between two weeks of religious education (yep, I'm THAT mom), golf lessons and PGA Junior golf matches (for Emma), ballet classes and two weeks of pre-intensives (for Olivia) there's not much "free" time. Our calendars are quite full.

But we're squeezing in a trip to CT and NYC and a trip to Orlando.
So it's not all work and no play this summer.

Times flies when you're having fun. ;-)

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