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It's Wednesday, which means it is time again for another installment of the Writer's Workshop, starring me.

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It's come to my attention that some people just "don't get" my gripe against a certain coffee shop not having changing tables and high chairs available to customers with kids.

Let me clear things up a bit: Here is a post from last November on Olivia's blog:

No kids at Starbucks!

Went to a local Starbucks today, with Olivia in tow (we were waiting for Xmas photos to be developed) and came to the conclusion that the American coffee palace has a secret anti-kids policy.

Sure, they have 8 oz. kid's drinks for a buck. And chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie treats too. But it's what they don't have that makes me think they dislike kids.

First, there are no high chairs. To a parent such as myself, this means: "Keep your kids out of our stores. We sell over-priced coffee drinks and play "cool" music and our non-parent clients don't want your kids interrupting their NY Times crossword puzzle."

I can almost get past the high chairs now that Olivia likes to sit in a regular chair. But still, the lack of high chairs sends a definite message.

It's the other missing necessity that really pisses me off. There are NO changing tables.I needed to change Olivia's diaper -- but found that there was not a changing table in the restroom.

I was THISCLOSE to plopping her down on one of the tables in the store and changing the very stinky poopy diaper right there (that certainly would have made my point) -- but I decided better of it.

Instead, I had to change my daughter's diaper in the car, when it was 35 degrees outside. Neither of us were very happy about that.

In retrospect, I should have changed her on the table, in front of all the other patrons - it SO would have been worth it to see their faces.

I've made the argument before - if a restaurant or coffee shop does not want kids to come inside, then post a sign on the door that says "NO KIDS ALLOWED." It's really very simple. If you don't have a sign, then you damn well better expect parents to come in with their kids in tow. And if we're coming in, then you damn well better cater to us and our kids.

Which means - have changing tables in both restrooms and have high chairs available.
Those eating and drinking establishments who refuse to cater to clients with kids better realize right quick that we are a very powerful and LOUD bunch and we will make your shortcomings known to everyone we know.

Hey Starbucks - No changing table? Well, guess what -- a local coffee shop right down the road from me has a changing table. They probably have high chairs too. Guess who is going to get my business? Not you, Starbucks.

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  1. I had never thought about this. You offer a very solid argument.

    I'm nodding in agreement.