Another LOST downer

My sister asked me today what I thought of last night's episode.

My response... there was a whole lotta nothing going on.

I actually was not glued to the TV, eagerly awaiting the next scene. Nope, I even got up to fetch a snack at one point, not caring that it wasn't during one of the zillion commerical breaks. [On a side note, do we really need that many commericals? I think there are more commercials during LOST than during any other show. Very annoying.].

I won't give anything away (not that there would be much to give), other than to say at least we know Ben's full name - Benjamin Lyons. Whoop-dee-do.

Next week looks a bit more promising based on the previews - at least we get to see Locke, Eko, Hurley and Desmond again. As for the rest of them - I'm about done with The Others....they are just creepy and annoying. And I'm tired of Jack's sulking. Get over it man, you're stuck underwater, but at least you don't have to do manual labor like Sawyer & Kate. Just eat some soup and quit pouting.

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