Hey, great planning!

As I was reading the "Jobs" section of the local paper today, I came across a very interesting job.


As in, my job as a part-time instructor of journalism at a local community college.

The best part -- it said "spring semester only."

Let's review the situation.

I notified them in OCTOBER that I was going to need to take about 6 weeks off work after baby is born (due to the fact that I'm having a c-section and can't drive for that amount of time). Then I said I'd be back by the first week of March -- giving me a good TWO MONTHS during which time I could finish teaching my class. All they had to do was find a sub for 6 or 7 weeks.

I even had the entire semester planned out for the sub -- I had a syllabus, all the notes, everything. All they had to do was follow my blueprint and everyone would be on the same page when I got back from leave.

But no. They decided that it would be better for everyone if they gave my class to someone else for the whole semester. And now, they have NO ONE to teach the class.

Note: classes started last week (Jan. 11th)....which means the 12 people who should have been my students could quite possibly get screwed over all because someone was unwilling to give me a leave of absence.

Hmmm...wonder if they still think it is better for everyone?


  1. Ya think?

    Yeah I was SHOCKED when I saw the ad.

    It would have been so much easier to just get a sub and let me teach the rest of the semester.