Take the lights down. Seriously.

I have many pet peeves....but this time of year, there is one that just makes me insane.

Christmas decorations.

Yeah, that's right. I said christmas decorations. Love them in December, can't tolerate them in January.

Take the lights and wreaths and Santas down already. Christmas was over weeks ago. It's time to move on people.

There are still several houses in my neighborhood with christmas lights still aglow. I'm not sure what these people are waiting for....but I'm afraid they may leave the lights up until Easter. And that would really be, well, annoying.

One has to wonder what these individuals are thinking every time they pull into their driveway. Are they thinking "gosh, the house looks so festive!" or, "damn, my neighbors must really hate me!"

Just take the stuff down. You can put it all back up in another 1o months, at the end of November.

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