I can't help myself.....

OK, I initially swore that I wasn't going to post anything about Anna Nicole Smith on my blog. But I have to say just a little something...I promise it won't be much.

Yes, it's tragic that she died so young and it's even more tragic that her little girl will never know her mom....

But what is even more tragic is what the so-called "adults" in this made-for-TV tragedy are doing to that poor little girl.

Smith's mother is currently in the Bahamas trying to (as one reporter put it) get "possession" of the baby. Possession?????????? This is a baby we're talking about, not a piece of property. [And it should be noted, that Smith despised her mother, according to all reports I've seen/heard.].

Smith's supposed ex-boyfriend is suing for custody. DNA will determine that outcome. Meanwhile, he has teamed up with Smith's mom to try and get the baby. So we have the spurned ex-boyfriend and the money-hungry exiled mother teaming up. I think I'll call them "Greedy and Greedier."

[Did you ever see "Million Dollar Baby"? Remember the family in that movie? They wanted nothing to do with Maggie (the boxer played by Hillary Swank), until she was RICH and paralyzed in the hospital. Then, they wanted her to sign over her money to them. That's who Larry Birkhead and Smith's mom remind me of -- they are like vultures right now, circling over the dead woman's baby, seeing dollar signs all the way to the bank. It's really disgusting).

Meanwhile, Smith's supposed "husband" or "partner" is holed up in their mansion, trying to mourn his "wife" and protect his [according to the birth certificate] child from those vultures out there. Time will tell what part he will play in this saga. Right now though, I have to say, I kind of feel sorry for the guy.

Oh and let's not forget Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband...he says he might be the dad. [Where in the hell did he come from?] Now he's claiming that he is going to file suit to gain custody of the baby. Are you kidding me??????????? He's 60 years old and his WIFE is 90. He is certainly the clown prince of this sad three-ring circus.

You know what? They are all acting like IDIOTS. The ONLY thing they should be concerned about right now is the well-being of that baby. No one has any "rights" to that baby right now except the person listed as her father on the birth certificate. Until the courts or DNA decide otherwise, Mr. Stern is that baby's parent. Her only parent.

As tragic as the death of someone so young might be, I fear that the bigger tragedy will be what happens to the little girl at the center of this digusting showcase of greed.

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