Wardrobe change

I cleaned out my closet today. A complete clean out.

Normally, cleaning out one's closet it not a big deal. However, today I put all of my "normal" (read: non-maternity) clothes back in my closet and moved out all of my maternity clothes.

I did keep one pair of maternity pants in my closet -- only because they are probably the only pants that fit me right now. I am scared to try on my jeans -- I just KNOW they won't fit 2 1/2 weeks after giving birth. But, my "regular" shirts fit....and so do some of my "regular" pants...so I figured it was time for a change. After all, I have been wearing maternity clothes since last June. That is a long, long time!

Sadly though, I have discovered that my maternity wardrobe has many more clothes in it, and is much cuter than my regular stuff. Really - ask any woman who has a maternity wardrobe -- chances are she'll tell you her maternity stuff is way cuter than her non-maternity stuff. I don't know why this is.

As happy as I am to be slowly working back into my regular clothes, it was a bit sad to put the maternity stuff away. Last time I did this, I knew I'd be pulling it out again someday. This time, the clothes are being put away permanently. It kind of tugs at the heart a bit. (And NO! I do not want to be pregnant again....it's just a "milestone" kind of sadness. Don't read anything else into it. Seriously. I am done having babies.).

Anyway....now I have a goal to work toward --- fitting into my jeans!


  1. I'm nodding my head.

    Once again, you're educating me about the process. About what it feels like and what you go through.

    You've got a great blog, Traci.

  2. Hi Traci!

    I'm a friend of Kylee's. I know exactly what you're talking about. I sat in my closet crying the first time I put my maternity clothes up. I knew I would be getting them out again too but I still cried.

    I guess our daughters are very close in age. My daughter, Alex, just turned three Jan 30th.

    Congrats on Emma, she's beautiful!

  3. Thanks Lindsay! :)

    Yep...Olivia just turned 3 on Jan. 9th.

  4. Hey Traci!

    I'm a longtime friend of Traci's and I read her blog, but have never posted. I know what she means about packing up the maternity clothes - I just did it myself after having my little girl 4 months ago. But I still wear one or two of my favorite pieces. I just wore a particularly comfy and stylish brown shirt yesterday as a matter of fact! I love it so much, I couldn't bear to put it away. Sure, it's a little floaty on me, but it also reminds me of how great it felt to be pregnant and somehow, I feel a little closer to my Julia when I wear it. :)