Received the first - of several - medical bills from Emma's birth.

It could be a new Mastercard commercial:

1 Labor and Delivery - $4,942 (wait a minute...I didn't labor at all and if I did, why should I be charged for it?)

1 Hospital room - $4,800 (c'mon, it wasn't the Ritz Carlton -- it was a freakin' hospital room, with a crappy bed, bad lighting, bad food and single-ply toilet paper. I could see charging maybe $29.99 a night. Maybe.)

1 perfect baby - priceless.

The grand total, including a bunch of incidentals and a $428 IV, was around$11,000. Yep, that's right....ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to have a baby. And that doesn't include Emma's bills. Her "room and board" was $2,700. So, add it all up and it's close to $14,000 to have a baby. How happy am I that I have health insurance?

Is it worth it?

Damn right.

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  1. Wow. Move to Mexico.

    But yes, it IS worth it. :-) (

    Post some new pictures, will ya?)