Seriously weird

Tomorrow is the first of our twice-yearly "unlimited" trash pickups.

These unlimited days happen once in April and once in October.

So, basically starting yesterday afternoon, everyone in the neighborhood started putting all their accumulated crap out to the curb. You know, all the stuff they've been storing in the garage since last October.

You see all kinds of stuff - furniture, toys, lawn mowers - you name it, you'll find it at the curb.

Now this is all well and good....except, for the past day my neighborhood has been a haven for garbage pickers. [Now I'm sorry if that seems like a harsh term, but really...what else can I call them? Refuse surveyors? C'mon...they're garbage pickers].

It's like a parade of pickup trucks and flatbed trucks....all filled to the brim with other people's trash. It really is amazing (and somewhat amusing) to watch -- these people will stop and go through your trash as you're putting it to the curb. Even in the pouring rain. [Seriously. As I am typing this there are about 5 or 6 trucks that keep driving around my block and it's pouring down rain. One guy is even driving a U-Haul].

Maybe it's just me being weird - or maybe I'm a snob - but I cannot imagine wanting to drive around neighborhoods and stopping to go through someone's trash. It just creeps me out.

I even made Kevin bring in our bags of trash until tomorrow morning --- I just don't want anyone stopping and opening one of the bags looking for a hidden "treasure." [Someone DID take our old lawnmower and a broken fax machine that we put out].

So glad this unlimited trash pickup only happens twice a year.

[UPDATE: It's now 10:30 at night and the truck parade is continuing. Seriously, freakisly odd].


  1. It may be that people don't "want" to drive around your neighborhood and go through your trash, they might "NEED" to in order to get the things they need. Not everyone has $600 for a new lawnmower lying around, or would rather spend their money on things they need more.

    Consider yourself lucky that you can judge these people from your nice house.

  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure the majority of these people WANT to drive around and go through other's trash on the unlimited days. Especially the guy who was driving around looking specifically for lawnmowers -- he had about 10 on his truck when I saw him. Pretty certain he didn't personally need 10 lawnmowers.

    And no, I wasn't judging anyone, "justchill", I was merely making an observation that I personally find it a bit odd to drive around going thru garbage.

    Yeah, I'm fortunate to live where I do....and I'm very thankful for what I have. And anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I don't judge people.

    So perhaps before you judge me, you should know a little more about me.

  3. I just randomly read your blog today. I just have to say, you are soooo missing out! I don't "need" to do this... but around where I live, people stick out crazy great things in their trash.

    I've made so much money on craigslist and ebay from people throwing out kid's play gyms, etc. And I've gotten lots of great toys for my kids. Its like a garage sale.. but for free!

    I still feel a little stupid when I stop, but hopefully they don't know me and will never see me again. I esp feel stupid when I pull up in a nicer SUV :)