That shrill scream you heard earlier this afternoon......well, that was me - trying on bathing suits.

I HATE HATE HATE trying on bathing suits. The lighting is bad. I'm so pasty white pale it's scary. Oh, and I had a baby 4 months ago -- so the old body is not quite swimsuit ready. Not at all.

They aren't kidding -- all those folks who say "it took 9 months to gain the weight, it takes at least that long to lose it." Yeah, no shit. I'm still 10 lbs heavier than I was when I got pregnant. And we won't even talk about how much heavier I am than when I got married four years ago.

So, needless to say....NOTHING looks good on me. Unless of course there was some bathing suit out there that covered me from neck to ankle...and made me look 20 lbs thinner.

After many, many, many "NO's!" I did manage to find one bathing suit that is OK. I would have preferred to buy the one that made me look 10 lbs thinner, but there was no cover-up skirt to go with it. And the legs do NOT need to be seen in public.

The suit I settled on is a black skirt w/ a black and white polka dot "tankini" top -- it is somewhat flattering, I guess. I'd take a photo...but I don't want to scare anyone.


  1. (I liked your blog last time, so I decided to read again today... hope you don't mind my comments!)

    I had a baby 4 mo ago too and my husband talked me into wearing a bikini (he said it looked the best... Hmmmm...) This weekend I felt soooo stupid in that thing. I was like, "Why did I not go with the tankini?!"

    Wear the swim suits proud, girl. I figure, if you just had a baby, it gives you an excuse to look "bigger." When you haven't had a baby recently, that's worse. :) (though I'd just come up with another excuse!)

  2. A two-piece that isn't a tankini will never again be worn by me. Too many (way way too many) stretch marks. And, a permament two-c-section pouch.

    one piece or tankini. forever.