What the....????

OK, I am beginning to think that I am a magnet for stupid people, who as Iris Took put it, lack a filter.

I'm at the zoo today with Olivia and Emma and a friend and her daughter. My friend and I are talking when this COMPLETE STRANGER comes over to my stroller and does the following:

Stranger: "Oh, there's a little sliver of sun right on the baby's face." And she proceeds to TOUCH MY STROLLER AND MOVE THE SUN SHADE.

Me: Shocked, annoyed and ready to go nuts on the woman. "She's fine. Don't touch my stroller. Thank you."
(What I'm thinking: "You stupid, nosy, annoying pain in the ass. How dare you touch my stroller or tell me how to parent my kids. You're lucky there are a gazillion people around and that I'm a sane person, because otherwise I might just go a little nutso on you and start screaming like a woman on the edge.")

Stranger: "Oh." Walks away in a huff. (As if she should be offended).

Me: Loudly - "I hate it when strangers think they can tell me how to parent my children. I'm 34 years old and can handle it on my own."

I swear.....I was shocked.

I would NEVER go up to a stranger and tell them that their kid was getting too much sun or whatever. And I would certainly NEVER touch someone's stroller.


What the hell is wrong with people?


  1. Bwahahahaaa! WTF? Do you have a sign on your back that says "Say and Do stupid things to me!"

    You'd better have Kev check back there.

    You HAVE to practice your responses. Get about 10 canned ones that you can call on at any time.

    Then keep them in the car so you can read them before you go into Target!

  2. I did ask Kevin to check if there was a sign back there...he said 'no'. (LOL).

    Perhaps it's an invisible sign that only rude, idiotic people can see.

    I know, I have to get a bunch of smart-ass, yet classic, responses stored up. :)

  3. Some people might consider the stranger's actions to be thoughtful and friendly, but i agree...this is a bit too pushy. The only way I would ever do that is if I knew the person, and we had stopped to chat, look at the baby, etc. People do dumb things like this expecting to be 'heroes' or good samaritans, but most of the time it's just puts the other person on edge.

  4. I'm floored.
    And I love your response.

  5. My dear fishbowl! Some people just don't get it. I liked that you said something loud so she could hear you.