So much for me winning "Mother of the Year"

Today was yet another day of adventure with Olivia.

In typical 3-year-old fashion, she decided it was high time to stick a small toy up her nose.

A small toy shoe to be exact. Like a Barbie doll shoe, but smaller.

"OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" was all I heard. Then Olivia comes running into the master bath pointing at her nose.

So, I looked inside. Yep. There it was. A small, plastic shoe.

Called the pediatrician's office. The nurse actually laughed at me. "We get this all the time," she assures me. Uh-huh.

The pediatrician tried twice to get the shoe out. Olivia would have nothing to do with that. She screamed and howled (yes, she really howled). The doctor quickly gave up.

And sent us on our merry way to the Ear, Nose and Throat "specialist."

He was little to no help either. Olivia was still freaked out from the experience at the pediatrician's office, so she wouldn't let the ENT doc get near her nose.

And so, we are now scheduled to be in an operating room at 7:15 tomorrow morning. They are going to put Olivia under a general anesthesia and get the shoe out.

I'm hoping she sneezes really hard between now and then and it shoots out of her nose.


  1. THIS has made me smile. Very largely.

    (What doll did the shoe go with?! That's a small shoe!)

    Note: I think this happens to every child. It's no reflection on you. Think of it as a right of passage.

  2. It was from a "Polly Pocket" type Snow White doll. The shoes were very small. And rubbery. Which was good.