A high point

So, as of this morning, the radio station I listen to has been running ads for Barack Obama. It's so cool.

About every 30 minutes or so I hear his voice coming from my radio.

It's enough to make me smile.

Every. Single. Time.

Have I mentioned how much I LIKE (no, really really LIKE) this man?


  1. I know. I think it is cool that Ohio is so important in the Presidential race.

  2. Um, I was TOTALLY going to blog about something similar to this today!!!

    Yesterday at work (I answer the phones) I got two pre-recorded messages. One from Hillary (I hung up on her) and one from Barack!!!

    I LOVED getting a call "from" him! HA

    A lady from my office told me to hang up....I ignore haters.

  3. yeah, i keep getting pre-recorded messages from Hillary. we got one last night and my husband says "Hillary's on the line" and i say: "tell her to go to hell".

    so he says to the prerecorded message: go to hell.

    haha. i love him for things like that.

    oh and, 10 WINS IN A ROW! OH YEAH!!!!