Really irritating

Dear Hillary supporters:

Do not call my house again. You sell lies as truth and quite frankly I hope your candidate gets her ass WHIPPED in the remaining primaries.

I just received a phone call from a Hillary supporter in Ann Arbor (which blows my mind, I'd think they would have Ohioans calling Ohioans), asking me to remember to vote in Ohio's primary on March 4th and oh by the way, to consider voting for Hillary.

She started going on about how great Hillary is and how I should support her, blah blah blah.

And so to cut her off, I said "I'm voting on March 4th and I'm voting for Obama."

And then, this:

Her: Why are you supporting Obama?

Me: Because I am. I made my decision months ago and quite frankly it's none of your business.

Her: But could you tell me why?

Me: Because he represents ideals that I believe in and I believe he's the best candidate for the job. That's why.

Her: Oh, well did you know that JFK's speech writer is Obama's speech writer and that's where all his great platitudes come from.

Me: Well, Hillary is going to have to get her vote from someone else. She's not getting mine. [I wanted to add: Well, gosh, Hillary is married to a former president, so WHERE do you think she gets all her platitudes?]

Her: Oh, she will. [click]

OK..so do you want to know the TRUTH????

Here it is:

From ABC: Theodore "Ted" Sorensen, the adviser whom John F. Kennedy once called his "intellectual blood bank," is lending his unabashed support -- and eloquence -- to the Obama campaign.

Today, at 79 years old and blind, Sorensen has a new mission: to resurrect Camelot. And it seems the Obama campaign is listening.

"I've given them a phrase or suggestion or two," Sorensen admits.

A phrase or two????????? A phrase or two is HARDLY a speech! Yet, in Hillary's brain "a phrase or two" means he IS the speechwriter? God I HATE IT when politicians spin shit like that. I'm really pissed off. That woman was basically implying that Obama is not smart enough to come up with his own ideas. And that's just a load of BS. Read his book. You will see where his ideas are coming from.

Dammit. I'm still mad.

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  1. The "Oh, she will" comment would have been enough to make me vote for someone else.