I'm (almost) famous!

OK, so I'm not really famous at all.

But my photo (well, part of my face) was in The Blade today.

See here.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the photo w/ the 2 police officers. I'm the one in the black, white and red shirt behind the female police officer. (No, I didn't do anything illegal to get into a photo w/ a police officer. haha).

The back of my head was also on at least 2 news broadcasts last night. :)

All right, my 15 seconds of semi-fame are now up.


  1. Too funny, I had to really LOOK at the pic to find you. I can only hope that a section of my face gets it 10mins of fame also. he he

  2. Sounds like an interesting seminar you got to go to.

    Note to self - sit behind or beside police officers to have part of your face included in a photo!