A bit excessive for a 2-year-old, no?

For the majority of us, our kid's birthdays are a simple affair - family, some good friends, simple food and ONE cake (two, if it's a 1st birthday).

This is not the case when you're a celebrity, apparently.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent $100,000 on Suri's 2nd birthday.

Yeah, that really says $100,000.

Full story here.

I just find it obnoxious.

But, everday folks like you and me, well they can be stupid when it comes to parties too. See here.

And people wonder why kids today are lazy, petulant, and expect everything to be handed to them? I can't imagine why that is.


  1. We watched a Food Network Challenge last night where 4 chefs competed to create a girl's Sweet 16 birthday cake.

    Fine, not a big deal, right?

    Well, that's what I thought until I saw the (wedding) dress she was wearing, the fact that they rented a boat, a band, hired a caterer, all of the girls/boys walking onto the party boat were wearing formal wear.

    I mean, really????

    I'm with you, these parties seem to be getting a bit ridiculous.

  2. This is really ridiculous. We get it, you have money to spend. And you think you're child is the best and most adorable thing in the world. I'm not going to burst your bubble on that one, because chances are I'm going to think the same of my child when I have one. But really? Seriously. Come on!

  3. How can they feel good about themselves spending money so needlessly when there are BABIES with nothing. I can't do it and I don't agree with it. If you have that much extra money to throw around PLEASE HELP THE LESS FORTUNATE!!!

  4. These parties aren't even about creating memories for your child, they're about showcasing your wealth to your "friends." I hate fake people. I, personally, like to keep it real. No, seriously - that's how I talk. Sometimes.

  5. UGH, I agree with all these comments. This is ridiculous. T.W.I.T. you are totally right, these parties are all about showing off! If you really want to spend that much money, put it in some kind of savings bond for your child or like Nadja said, help a bunch of other kids get something special for their birthday. grrr

  6. Geez. I baked cupcakes for my son's 1st bday because I thought, "Why the heck am I going to spend $25 for a Giant Eagle cake?! When I can make them myself?"

    I can think a heck of a lot my kids could really benefit from than a 100,000 dollar party. Pa-leese.