Your Life Path Number is 7

Your purpose in life is to find truth and meaning

You are very spiritual, and you are interested in the mysteries of life.

You are quite analytical and a great thinker. You have many theories and insights.

A life of solitude is perfect for you. You need time to think and do things your way.

In love, you are quite charming. You attract many with your confidence and wit.

While you enjoy being alone, sometimes you take it to an extreme.

You can become too isolated, shutting out loved ones and friends.

Express yourself a little bit more, and you'll be surprised where it takes you!


  1. Your Life Path Number is 8

    Your purpose in life is to help others succeed

    You are both a natural leader and a natural success. You are also a great judge of character.
    You have a head for business and finance. You know how to make money.
    A great visionary, you can see gold where other people see nothing.

    In love, you are very generous - with gifts, time, and guidance.

    You love to inspire people, but it can be frustrating when they don't understand your vision.
    Great success comes easily for you. But so does great failure, as you are very reckless.

    You are confident, and sometimes this confidence borders on arrogance.

    hmm, all this from my birth date!!

  2. i think maybe it's based on our astrological signs?

  3. Thanks W.K. for taking my personality! My number is eight, too.

  4. I can't take what was already mine, I am older than you.