My mom's sense of humor

I'm at work and my cell phone rings. It's my mom.

This is the conversation:

Mom: Hi. You sound terrible.
Me: I have a bad cold.
Mom: Oh. Did you see the news?
Me: No. What news?
Mom: You didn't see the news? It's on the Internet.
Me: No. What is going on?
Mom: Barack Obama dropped out of the presidential race.
Me: [totally in a state of panic, heart is racing]. No he didn't.
[at this point, i'm trying to get to CNN.com]
Mom: Yes. He. Did. He said he's done.
Me: No way. That isn't true.
Mom: April Fool's, Traci.
Me: Oh. MY. GOD! [I keep forgetting it's April 1st]. That was NOT funny.
Mom: Yeah, it really was.

This is what my family thinks is funny. A real bunch of comedians. Geesh. I was really freaked out. Now, any other day I would have realized it was an April Fool's joke, but I'm sick today and a bit slow with the funny things. Head colds will do that to you.

So, happy April Fool's Day.

Anyone else get duped today?

[My husband "got" me this morning -- he told me there was 3 inches of snow outside. And I believed him. Until Olivia said, "Mommy, today is April!"].


  1. My sister texted me that Arnie's was on fire. I immediately went to the news websites and couldn't find it so I called her back and she was cracking up. Damn it!

  2. this was a co-worker's joke on us:

    Hey - Google has come up with a new feature called gDay that I think you will like - check it out here http://www.google.com.au/gday

    yeah, i don't really like April 1st.

  3. hahaha! Your family sounds hilarious!

  4. Ha! That's funny. Maybe a little mean, but funny.

    Props to your mom, she was probably planning that for a while :)

  5. oh yeah, my mom was REAL proud of herself.

    she didn't think she could do it without cracking up.

    yep, that's my hilarious family. :)

  6. My husband told me that he failed a random drug test at work and got fired. I SCREAMED at him. Not funny.

  7. Ha! That's hilarious! That IS the perfect April Fool's joke for you. :-)