"Reality" TV? Yeah, right

OK, I don't watch this show on any kind of regular or non-regular basis...but I was just reading about the first female winner of NBC's "Biggest Loser". She lost something like 122 pounds .... which was about 47% of her body weight.

Yes, that's great. And it's inspiring. Right? Sure. Yay for her. She lost a whole LOT of weight.

But I'm sorry...there is nothing realistic about this reality show. The contestants get personal trainers. They spend their days working out. Oh, and I mean days literally. I just read that they work out between FOUR AND SIX HOURS per day!

Yeah, I could drop a ton of weight (not literally, mind you -- I'd like to lose about 30 or so) if I could work out 6 hours a day too. But I can't. I work. I have two kids. I have no time. I'm lucky if I find 30 minutes a day to do something for just ME.

So yes, add me to the list of people who think the show is unrealistic.

You want a real reality show? Then find a group of moms (working, stay at home, whatever!) who are struggling to lose their baby weight and can't find the time/energy/willpower to keep trying. THAT would be reality for me. And I'd be the first person to sign up for that show.


  1. Agree.

    We watched the last few episodes of the season and though the results are amazing and hopefully inspirational to those who are looking to lose weight....the idea of the show is completly unrealistic.

    People watch the show and think hey...that person lost 10 pounds in a week so I bet I can too! And then they don't - b/c you are right, who has that much time to dedicate to working out and has the money for personalized meal plans.

    And when you read up on past contestants they do put some weight back on and talk about the difficulty of going back to their daily lives and trying to maintain that weight. The show makes for good TV and I think does help people. And yay for all the people who are motivated by this show and lose weight, but your right...it just isn't reality.

  2. tlc, that's a FABULOUS idea. Show me when I have the time and energy to exercise and I'll do it.

  3. It would be much easier if we all had a nutritionist that would tell us exactly WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat, a personal trainer to make sure we did everything we were supposed to in the correct way to maximize weight loss, and six hours a day in which to set aside. I'm sure the producers wanted to inspire people, but this show also has adverse hazards too.

  4. I agree, as well.

    I've always felt bad for the folks who feel so good about themselves while they're there, but then come back home to reality and have to actually WORK and can't WORK OUT 24/7.

    You're right 100%.

  5. While I agree somewhat, I think the show is inspiring. On the reality side, the show can give you tips on healthy eating and smart ways to exercise. Some of these people are WAY out of shape and start small. A small change can equate to a big difference.

  6. I know! Seriously, these shows are really all aboput ratings and getting as many people as possible to watch. Love your blog!