196 million reasons to spend $1

It's raining today. It's gray and gloomy and I'm feeling blah.

And, I didn't win MegaMillions last night. I tried -- I bought 3 tickets. I didn't win.

So, now there are 196 million reasons to buy another ticket (or 10 tickets). Yeah, the jackpot is almost $200 million. That would buy a lot of gas for my minivan.

That got me thinking...what would I do with $196 million?

1. pay off my mortgage
2. pay off my law school loans
3. set up trusts for my kids
4. set enough aside to pay for college for my kids
5. pay my parents back (I owe them A LOT, I'm sure)
6. give some to charity
7. take several trips (Venice, Paris, Hawaii, Las Vegas for starters)

I don't know if I'd keep working. I might for a while. I think I would probably get bored at home all day. Of course, I could start some kind of philanthropic association or something.

What about you? What would you do with $196 million??


  1. 1. Pay off ALL of our debt.
    2. Pay off all of our parents' debt.
    3. Let my mom design her perfect animal rescue facility here and for her BFF/Rescue partner in Kentucky.
    4. Set up a trust for Ms. Bee.
    5. Put enough in savings to live off the interest.
    6. Have ALOT of fun with Louis and Ms. Bee.

  2. Oh, and by the whole family cars that don't need stupid gas.

  3. 1. Pay off all our debt.
    2. Buy a new house that needs no updating and has at least 2 acres of land.
    3. have alot more babies.
    4. get a maid.
    5) buy a Mini van ( Honda or Toyota)
    6.) take my kids to Disney Land.
    7. Buy my mom the house of her dreams.
    8) Also send her to where ever she wants to go.
    9. Give alot to my church and other charities.
    10. Make good investments
    11. Start my own business ( flower shop)

    Oooh this was fun!!!!
    I could go on and on

  4. First I would roll around in a pile of money just so I knew what that would feel like. Hopefully it would have been freshly printed from the mint, otherwise a shower would quickly follow my rolling in the monies!!

    Seriously, what couldn't you do with that much money?!?!

    I guess I would spend in this order....

    1. Pay off our house
    2. Pay off our debt
    3. Pay off our families debt
    4. Money into a savings account
    5. Down payment on land to start building a new house
    6. A month long vacation to Europe
    7. Money to my sister and brothers to help them in school/get started in the real world
    8. A trip for our parents
    9. Building a new house
    10. Starting our own business

    Oh, how lovely it would be to come into some money.

  5. 1). pay off school loans
    2). buy myself a small home in the US and a small home in Costa Rica, or the like.
    3). set up college fund for my unborn children
    4). save, save, save
    5). quit job and start own non-profit business
    6). give money to Bluffton University (alma mater) for them to build their next building project (maybe it would be named after me!)