I believe that's called a hangover

Yep, it's Monday and I believe I have a hangover.

We had Mom's Day dinner at my parents last night and I managed to drink an entire bottle of wine. By myself. [Well, OK...my mom did have 1/2 a glass].

The culprit: Bricco Riella Moscato D'Asti.

Damn good wine. Sweet, sparkling. Better than any other Asti I've had before.

Felt OK last night, although I was in bed at 9 p.m.

Today - major headache.

Yup, it's a hangover. I am way too old to behave this way. Geesh.


  1. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    No better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to tie one on.

    I salute you. :-)

  2. That's hilarious.

    You could've at least topped the night off by going dancing until 3am or something. :)

  3. yeah it would have been a much better story if it ended with "i danced til 3 a.m. and got a new tattoo."

    but alas, i'm boring and could only say "i went to be at 9 pm". no dancing. and sadly, no new tattoo.

  4. the wine sounds fabulous, the effects of the wine----i HOPE they have worn off!

  5. oh yes, i feel MUCH better today. :)