Welcome to the 21st century!

Thanks to my very cool brother in law who knows everything about computers and TiVo...I am now a wireless wonder!!!

I have TiVo now...and am currently using my new wireless network to blog FROM MY COUCH!!!!

[thanks to dad for the laptop...I'm finally getting use out of it!].

So cool.


  1. I'm very interested in tivo. Please let me know more about it...

  2. well i haven't done much with it yet. i've got to read the "how to" book a bit more. my sister has it and tivos everything.

    i guess i can program it to record entire seasons of shows and when i'm watching live TV i can pause, rewind, etc.

    i'm just excited that i can Tivo the new season of Project Runway!

    i'll keep you posted on my tivo adventures! :)

  3. we don't have Tivo but a DVR, same basic diff...though I have heard tivo learns things about you based on what you record and will actually show you shows based on your likes....that is crazy!

    We LOVE...let me say that again LOVE our DVR. I think we rely on it too much but it is amazing. We actually have two. One upstairs for shows I just want to watch i.e The Hills or shows we like to watch together in bed...no not those type of shows silly - but like Ghost Hunters! Then the one downstairs records everything else we like.

    I am embarrassed but during prime TV season those DVR our pretty full all the time!!

    And congrats on the wireless!! FUN!

  4. Congrats! Now you're a mobile, wi-fi fiend! And TiVo/DVRs are amazing. Seriously. TV without it is just not the same.

  5. We just got a DVR too. I'm pumped. It should get here sometime next week. (It's going through the importer in San Diego.)

    I think it's going to revolutionize my life.

    Nadja - Jenna and John have one - I think they LOVE it.

  6. We have a DVR, and it's ruined my life, but in a good way ;) I think I might have to blog about it...

    Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your TiVo.