WTF? Get the story right!

Breaking news from CNN.com:

AP: Officials say Hillary Clinton will acknowledge tonight that Barack Obama has the delegates for the Democratic presidential nomination.


Another story from CNN.com:

Hillary Clinton not prepared to admit Barack Obama has beaten her in race for Democratic nomination, her campaign chairman told CNN.

Ok seriously folks: pull your heads out of your asses and just get the story right. Is she or isn't she??? Geez Oh Petes.


  1. This is supposed to be political, which means that this fight is supposed to be brutal, dirty, and difficult. But sometimes I get the feeling like it's a race for high school prom queen.

  2. Breaking news: This just in. Hillary may or may not agree that the Earth is round.


    a little lesson in Journalism 101 for CNN: confirm your sources before going to press.

    a tip for Hillary's camp: do the math. the race is over. this election is NOT ABOUT YOU. it never was. pack it in and go home to NY.

  3. HAHAHA! love that TLC!

    This is SO annoying!