My hot topics

A couple things are annoying me, aside from my persistent cough:

Senseless bitchfest:
The entire "cast" of The View annoys me. It's like a daily bitch fest with no real purpose.

"Hot Topics" my ass. It's just a chance for a bunch of women to see who can out-bitch whom.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck just annoys the CRAP out of me. On a regular basis.

And I only see clips of the show on CNN.com.

I think they need to bring Omarosa on and let her be a guest host for one day and let her have a verbal smackdown with little Liz.

Now THAT would be fun to watch.

Stupid people:
Anyone see a photo of Eva Longoria-Parker lately? She's [GASP!] gained a few pounds. I know, tragic isn't it? Well apparently all of Hollywood is just UP IN ARMS over this travesty...and so, Eva's "people" issued a STATEMENT addressing her weight gain.

Essentially it says that she cut her hair and gained a few pounds for her role on Desperate Housewives, because in the new season her character, Gabby, is a "worn out mom of two". And, apparently, she'll also be wearing butt pads and stomach pads to make her fatter.

What? A statement had to be issued because some too-thin actress gained a few pounds. Give me a break!!

Oh and I love that in order to portray a mom she has to be fat and unattractive. Yes, that's a great image to portray for moms everywhere. If you're a mom, you can't be glamorous -- you must be frumpy.


Stupid people just really annoy me.

[Oh, here's a link to a photo of the newer, "fatter" Eva. Whatever.]


  1. Oh my goodness! I JUST wrote about this very same thing! The whole Eva looks frumpy cause her hair is short and gained 2 pounds. Ugh.

    You're right, nice portrayal of moms.

    A big thumbs down on all of this nonsense.

  2. Elizabeth annoys me, too.

    And funny you said that about the whole View cast. I used to stay at home and watch the view for the first 15 minutes of Hot Topics before going to work. (With the time difference, it's on at 9:00 a.m. here.) Lately, I haven't been inspired.

    Barbara Walters drives me crazy.
    But forgive me, I really like Whoppi, Joy and Sherri.

  3. I'm glad that Whoopi is on the show because, even though I don't watch the show anymore, I watch for highlights with her. She doesn't let people get away with stuff.

    And the Eva Longoria thing is just so annoying. Boo you, ABC and Hollywood.

  4. i do like Whoopi...but sometimes Sherri says really stupid things...

    and i think barbara is afraid of elizabeth! haha....

  5. The View is terrible. I cannot believe it is still airing.

  6. The View needs to get rid of Elisabeth and get a stronger Republican on there--one that won't cry and back down when the four Democrats talk down to her and shush her like a child. It would be an interesting show if Elisabeth could hold her own.

    Joy Behar has to constantly remind the audience that she’s a comedian because her jokes, which someone else writes for her, ARE NOT FUNNY. The Hot Topics segment is pretty much fifteen minutes of her Bush/Cheney bashing. (As insanely popular as that may be, it gets old.)

    That show is lame. I can’t even watch it anymore. At least not without yelling at my t.v.

  7. t.w.i.t. -- i agree that they need to get rid of elisabeth...but i also think they need to get a more balanced panel, which would mean getting rid of maybe the very unfunny Joy and bring on 2 or 3 "fresher" people...who have differing (political) viewpoints. say, i don't know, 1/2 dems and 1/2 republicans?

    of course, in a perfect world, ABC would just cancel The View and all would be right with the world again! :)

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  9. I just wish I was "FAT" like Eva......I'm just saying.

  10. nadja...i am waiting for my obama button to arrive...and my obama bumper sticker too!


    jill marie..i am SO with you. i only wish i was as FAT as eva.

    oh well.

  11. hahaha - Jill Marie you are WAY right. I am with you, I would like to be fat like that.

    The View needs to go. Good idea at first, ran its course a long time ago, RIP forever.

  12. (These posts have cracked me up.)