Foot therapy

I love pedicures. If I could afford to, I would get a pedicure every 4 weeks. As it is, I'm lucky to get one once a year.

My last real pedicure was last September.

This makes me sad.

However, I have discovered a way to get a free mini-pedi every night.


Yep, when Olivia is soaking in the tub, I stick my feet over the side and say, "Sweetie, Mama's feet really hurt today. Can you wash them for me?"

And she does. Olivia lathers up her hands with soap and washes my feet....and she rubs them for me. It's so divine. Then, she "dries" them for me by wrapping damp washclothes around them.

Ah, heaven.


  1. I can't think of a better reason to advocate child labor. If she does scalp massages, I'll buy her from you.

  2. ok, I have to say this is just not right!!!

    As a person who HATES getting her feet touched and hates the idea of pedicures this seems more like a form of torture!

    Of course if and when we decide to have kids you can bet they will be forced to play with my hair everyday and rub my back while they hum soothing music to me. Which is totally different then rubbing feet. ;)

  3. WK...haha. Oh, Olivia brushes my hair too. It's like having my own mini spa at home! :)

  4. Oh yeah--foot rubs!! DD has taken on some weird obsession with rubbing my feet and hands with her Hannah Montana lotion. I'm not complaining one bit!

    She is actually quite good at it.

    I love my guys at the Venetian at Levis Commons--but, like you, it's a rare indulgence.

  5. If she decides to freelance, let me know.

  6. Nice work! Real pedicures you can't beat, but I would totally take that!

  7. I enjoyed the "Mama's feet really hurt" comment and t.w.i.t's response. Awesome.

    I do try to get my 3 year old to rub my back. I'm going to teach her well.

    My mom was a 3rd grade teacher and she used to have all the kids rub her back (which they loooooved doing) until her last few years before retirement, she thought, "This might not be such a good idea. I think some parent might complain that I MAKE them do it." The only benefit of being a 3rd grade teacher in my book!