Some random crap

I'm sad that the Olympics are over.

As much as I mocked the synchronized diving (especially the MEN'S synchronized diving) and the "rhythmic gymnastics" (c'mon, running around with a ribbon is a SPORT???)...it is always sad to watch the closing ceremonies, knowing that it's going to be another 2 years before we can have that much fun again.

Granted the next Games are the Winter 2010 Olympics...but I can handle that. Figure skating (YEAH that IS a sport), skiing, luge...these are fun to watch - until they come up with something like "synchronized luge" -- that might be going too far. And bonus: the 2010 opening ceremonies are on my birthday that year.

I just saw that tickets for the 2010 games go on sale in October and you can get tickets for as low as $25. Holy crap. I'd go to Vancouver for that. Who cares what sport I'd be watching. I'd be at the Olympics.

I'm sick and tired of this election. In my opinion, Nov. 4th can't get here quick enough.

I'm tired of the smear tactics and stupid commericals. Just once I want to hear a real debate about REAL ISSUES -- like, WHO IS GOING TO FIX THE GASOLINE PRICES AND THE HOUSING CRISIS AND THE HEALTH CARE CRISIS?

I could give shit about all the other stuff.

Although I have to say my current favorite ad is McCain's "when you're a celebrity you don't have to worry about family budgets"....because I'm guessing when you OWN 10 HOUSES you also don't have to worry about family budgets. Whatever. That whole "he's a celebrity and I'm just some random old guy" routine is so worn out. Move on.

Anymore when I see ANY political ad all I hear is "blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah."

As I said in the title, this is a post about random things. I had a long day today...so my mind is not as sharp as it could be.

And now since there's nothing on but the convention and whatever is on my Tivo (Mad Men how I love thee!)...I suppose I should go plant myself in front of the TV and choose between CNN, MSNBC or Tivo. I have a feeling that Don Draper and Co. might win tonight!


  1. (I love the title of this post, but I love the label even more.)

    My random crap comment:

    I would love to go to the Olympics. Vancouver would be a cool place to see them, and a very feasible option, at that.

    I don’t think any politician can honestly suggest that they are like average Americans, but especially not these presidential candidates. McCain has seven houses and a millionaire wife, and Obama made more than $4 million dollars last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii, and bought a mansion with the help of a convicted felon. Neither of these candidates are “men of the people.” And if people really form their opinions and vote based on smear ads, they need to try thinking for themselves for once. (I would also like to hear a real debate on the issues, I think many people would, but this has kept that from happening.)

    So, it is our responsibility to research a candidate’s policy history and plans (if any) for the future of this country. We need to do this in order to make an informed choice between the lesser of two evils this election. (Which, I agree, this election cannot be over soon enough.)

    Speaking of mad men, I need to check out this “Mad Men” show. I keep reading about it everywhere!

  2. i think i should run for president. i'm average. i have a mortgage, credit card debt, law school loans, etc. :)

    yes, you MUST check out Mad Men. it's on AMC on Sundays at 10 pm. but this sunday...there is a season 2 marathon - i think it starts at 5 pm.