OK, so this might not be even just a little bit exciting for most of you, but today is my 1 year "work anniversary."

Yep, one year ago today I started my current job -- which I still love, by the way -- after several years (yes, YEARS) of searching for a job.

I used to be a full-time worker bee. Then I got pregnant w/ Olivia and got fired for being pregnant. Then I started teaching part-time -- and that was fun for a while. Then I got pregnant with Emma, and got fired for being pregnant.

[Serioulsy. It happened twice to me. I am currently attempting to settle my civil rights claim with my former employer....but they are complete and total buttheads. I won my case, they refuse to settle.]


I really spent about 4 years looking for a job. And then I found this one.

And I love it.

My co-workers are great. My boss rocks.

And today I'm happy.