O-H-I-O (U)!!!!!

Yesterday was the first time EVER that I saw an OSU game. In Columbus. (I will admit here and now that I am a UM fan...always have been. Yesterday's trip will not likely sway me).

But, I just HAD to go to yesterday's game because they were playing my alma mater, Ohio University. Thankfully, a friend of ours had connections and we had tickets!

While just about everyone else at the game was in either red, white or some combination thereof, I chose to wear GREEN. Why? Because OU's colors are green and white. And I was going to show my spirit - even if it meant risking life and limb! Another OU alum handed me a pom-pom on my way to the stadium..so I waved it proudly and loudly every time OU did something amazing.

And they did a lot of amazing things. I was totally FLOORED that at the end of the first half OU was winning. And then at the end of the 3rd quarter...OU was still winning. Seriously, I was all "HOLY CRAP.....OU IS BEATING OHIO STATE!" I was not the only one in shock...most (OK, all) of the OSU fans were stunned to near silence.

It was an amazing day. Kevin is a huge, huge OSU fan and so he was just as excited as I was to be there. We went to the Skull Session to see OSU's band practice. We were very surprised when Coach Tressel and the entire team filed in. That was very cool.

Before the game we wandered around outside the stadium, did some shopping (we had to take gifts home to the girls), and then we went inside the Horseshoe. Wow. Amazing.

We had great seats...and it was so fun just to watch everyone file in and sit down. OU's Marching 110 did a pregame performance and it was great! But I will admit, it was very, very cool to see OSU's band perform. Script Ohio was amazing to watch.

One of the coolest things was this: The OU fans were all in the upper level (well, most of them at least) and at one point the OU band started cheering "O-H-I-O, O-H-I-O, OHIOOHIO!!!!" -- which is the OU cheer. The OSU fans (and there were MANY more of them!) started their own O-H-I-O complete with the arm movements. Not to be out-cheered, the OU fans started adding "U!" to the end of OHIO, complete with arms up in a "U" shape! Now that was cool. [It went something like this: 99,000 OSU fans: O-H-I-O!!!! 1,000 (or fewer) OU fans: U!!!!!]

While my team didn't win....it was a wonderful day!


  1. Glad you two came out of it unscathed. We went to the 1999 game betwixt the two, and at half time the teams were tied. The 50 or so OU fans there were incredulous. We couldn't believe how well the 'Cats were playing on that day. But, Kurt and I thought we were going to get mauled by the OSU fans. On any given Saturday, we are OSU fans, but I tell ya, when you're rooting for the other side, you'd better watch out. OSU fans are real jerks (ergo, I am too; see previous sentence). I was so proud of our 'Cats!!!

  2. i was surprised at how well behaved the OSU fans were. i think perhaps they were just so shocked that they couldn't speak. LOL.

    and, i had OU "backup" around me...other fans...so we risked our well-being together by cheering very loudly!

  3. it is quite amazing to see the fans file in and watch the whole thing unfold!