Politics, schmolitics

As much as I enjoy politics, I am getting tired of this whole presidential race to the finish line.

Everyone is so testy and grumpy about it.

And yes, I do mean E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.

The pundits are tired, the bloggers are tired, the candidates are tired. You can just see it in the eyes of the CNN/MSNBC/FOX talking heads. They don't want to listen to any more drivel about what candidate is better, who is smarter, who lives closer to Russia. No. They want to just start slapping people. And rightfully so, I say.

Me? I'm just irked. Everyone is becoming irksome to me. And I hate to say that, but it's true. I cannot stomach talking politics anymore, except maybe to my dad & mom and maybe one or two others. That's it.

And so, I'm going to have my say here and be done with it for a while. Go ahead and leave a comment (or don't) if you feel so inclined. Unless something really inspires me during the next few weeks I don't see myself blogging about politics for a while. It's not enjoyable anymore.

I've heard and seen so much stupid shit lately that I cannot stomach the stupidity anymore. A perfect example: the husband of an acquaintance says he WILL NOT vote for Obama because he can't vote for anyone whose middle name is Hussien. Seriously? That's why you're voting for McCain? Not because you agree with McCain's politics, but because you don't like the other guy's middle name? You must be joking. Holy crap.

I'm irked. I'm irritated. I'm afraid that people are going to vote for stupid reasons rather than focusing on the real issues at hand.

I want affordable, non-taxed health care. I want women to maintain the right to choose, I want the Constitution to be left alone, I want new justices on the Supreme Court, I want tax cuts for me because I make less than $250K a year, I want our troops to come home now, I want equal pay because my god it's the 21st century and isn't it time we had that, I want to know that the world is going to be a safer place for my kids than it is now and if that means crossing the border into Pakistan to hunt down and kill the mastermind of 9/11 then so be it, I want new energy solutions, I want to save the polar bears and the environment, I want to know that this $700 billion bailout is really the right solution, I want America to once again be the land of hope and opportunity.

Yeah, I said hope. No, I don't care if you think that's funny or ironic.

Change is here. Change is there. Change was mocked. Now 'change is coming.' Everyone wants to be the candidate of change. Whatever. How about being the president of fixing all the major fuck ups that are plaguing the country? How 'bout that?

Red states. Blue states. Purple states. Swing states. None of those titles matter. What matters is this - The United States. See that word? United. That is what matters after Nov. 4th - that we are all once again UNITED. So vote for whomever you think is the BEST candidate. But vote for good reasons. Don't place the faith of your vote on things such as middle names, lipstick, skin color, proximity to foreign countries, numbers of cars, or baseless Internet lies.


  1. When I was at my craft show this weekend, there was a man who came in after one of the church masses. He was wearing a "McCain" pin. (to church.) The lady sitting next to me asked him, "So you're voting for McCain?" and he said in an extremely loud voice: "YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM, YOU'D HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST BEFORE I VOTE FOR THAT GOD DAMN OSAMA OBAMA BIN BIDEN! HE'S A TERRORIST!" Oookay. Glad that you just yelled that at a nice craft show, in a church no less. I guess there's no swaying your vote.

    I'm tired of listening to everything too. I'm going to vote, and I hope the person that I vote for (Obama) wins. End of story.

  2. I'm giving you a standing ovation right now.

  3. I second that! Couldn't agree with you more!

  4. thank you, ladies. while i wasn't looking or asking for anyone to agree with me, it's nice to see intelligent, thoughtful comments. [so much better than insulting, rude comments any day.]