So that's why it's so scary

"I'm scared from the dark," Olivia said last night, crying huge tears.

"Why are you scared of the dark?" I asked.

"Because it gets in my eyes and then I can't see and then when it gets light it hurts my eyes."

Of course. Why else would a child be scared 'from' the dark? I was figuring Olivia would say because there are monsters under the bed, or in the closet, or there are things that go 'bump' in the night.

Nope. It's because the dark gets in her eyes and she can't see.

My cure for that sobbing fit last night was to crawl under the cover with Olivia and snuggle with her until she was snoring. That, and leaving the hallway light on until we went to bed.

I get the whole 'fear of the dark' thing. I've been afraid of the dark at times too.

I remember finishing "IT" by Stephen King when I was about 15 years old, and sleeping with my lights on for an entire week. I was scared the demonic clown was under my bed.

After watching "Aliens" at home alone one night I slept with the lights on.

When I lived alone I always had nightlights in every room.

On 9/11 I slept with lights on in my duplex.

And to this day, I cannot go to sleep with the closet door open. I've watched "Monsters, Inc." - you never know what lurks in your closet at night.


  1. I'm terrified of mirrors in the dark. Don't know why. Just am.

  2. ME TOO! Mirrors are terrible in the dark, I feel like bloody mary is going to jump out and kill me.

    Yes, the dark can be scary.

  3. Kids have the most lovely and refreshing perspective on things. I wish I could still think like that, with such innocence.

  4. I LOVE Monster's Inc--one of the movies I can stand to watch over and over with dear 7YO.

    Kids make the most sense don't they?

  5. That closet thing was terrible for me when I was a kid. I had a scary closet anyway, and I hated going into it (it was about two feet wide and about 15 feet long) because I was afraid that if I got too far into my closet, the monsters/ghosts/aliens/Joan Rivers would shut my door behind me and then attack me. Anyway, everytime the front door would open, my closet door would shift. Obviously, not very practical.


    I just wanted to say it. :-)

  7. TP: I know, I miss the Feasts too. The original Feasts have been offline since July due to techincal problems. So, I'm going to have to start creating my own. I promise...I will soon!!! :)