Another Monday, another cup of Starbucks wisdom

This was on my Starbucks cup today:

"The Way I See It #293"

The way I see it
Isn't necessarily
The way you see it
Or the way it is
Or ought to be
What's more important
Is that we're all
Looking for it
And a way to see it

- Desi Di Nardo, Author and Poet
Toronto, Canada

For the next 15 days, wouldn't that be great if the Democrats and Republicans could think about this election with that quote in mind?

Because, after Nov. 4...red states and blue states won't matter. The United States will matter.

Think about that.


  1. Religious people need to think that way as well.

  2. Do you think Dunkin coffee is better than Starbucks? What do you think of that commercial?

  3. iris...never had dunkin donuts coffee..i think the only DD in toledo is out on central...and it's not my end of town. :)

    i keep seeing the ads that DD beat Sbux...but i still love Sbux. and Beaners. :)