Friday Food 4 Thought -- #1

OK, so it's been months since 'Friday's Feast' was up and running...and I know I've missed it.

To that end, I'm going to start my own 'feast-like' post.

Welcome to Friday's Food 4 Thought! Each week (provided that I can come up with a topic each week) there will be 4 questions just waiting to be answered. Please join in the fun!

Appetizer: What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

Salad: What do you consider a 'Hallmark holiday'?

Main course: What was your favorite holiday tradition as a child?

Dessert: What is your new favorite holiday tradition?

OK. That's it. My answers are in the comments.


  1. 1. It's a toss-up between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love decorating for Halloween but I love the food on Turkey Day.

    2. Sweetest Day.

    3. Baking Christmas cookies.

    4. We put up our xmas tree on Thanksgiving morning while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Kevin and I started this 'tradition' when I was preggers w/ Olivia and we've been doing it ever since. I love it!

  2. 1. Thanksgiving. All the family around without the craziness of presents like Christmas time.
    2. Christmas is my Hallmark though
    3. Hm, favorite tradition? Opening "family" Christmas presents on Christmas Eve and Santa presents Christmas morning. Spreading out the fun!
    4. My mom gives each of my boys a Christmas ornament each year. Has every year since they were born.

    These were great questions!

  3. Appetizer: Halloween! It happens in October, which is my favorite month. I love scary stuff. And, I've never one single time gone trick-or-treating, so I'm envious.

    Salad: Sweetest Day. Blech.

    Main Course: We each got to opening one present on Christmas Eve - something from my brother usually. Santa's gifts weren't there yet!

    Dessert: Baking cookies!

  4. YAY - I would just like to say I am glad to see this!!

    1) Favorite Holiday?
    Hands down, it is Christmas. If done right and you don't get caught up in all the marketing and craziness that is the Christmas season this can be such a special time. And Chrsitmas day itself is amazing b/c you have family or friends, the music, comfort and most importantly celebrating the birth of Jesus. I could go on b/c it is really my FAVORITE holiday!

    2. Hallmark Holiday?
    Sweetest Day, ugh.

    3. Favorite Holiday Tradition as a child?
    Christmas morning in general is it's own tradition. My parents would have Christmas music playing and we would come downstairs and get hot chocolate or juice and breakfast would be cooking (rolls or something) then every year someone different wears the santa hat and they pass out all the gifts to everyone. OH, and the christmas pickle....whoever gets to the Christmas pickle ornament first hidden in the tree gets a special gift!

    4. New holiday traditions?
    Ok, well we are still working on this. Even though T & I have been together for 8 years, it wasn't until we were married 2 years ago that we started spending christmas day together. So we don't really have many traditions yet...I am sure when we have kids this will change. The past few years though we have gotten a special ornament for the tree....I would like to carry on that and make it a tradition!

  5. I am NOT kidding you. Today I was thinking, "I really hope that T. has her Friday's Feast. I miss them..." And you do! YAY!

    Favorite Holiday: ANY holiday that I can celebrate with my family in the States. I love Thanksgiving.

    Hallmark Holiday: Sweetest Day and DEFINITELY Boss's Day. (Blech.)

    Holiday Tradition: Christmas Eve service and the singing of hymns accompanied by a piano. (I also loved when the Easter Bunny would actually leave a half-eaten carrot on a plate on Easter morning.)

    New Favorite Holiday Tradition: Oh this is sad, since moving to Cabo our "holiday traditions" have pretty much ceased. I DID used to love when just C. and I would decorate the Christmas tree, drink wine and listen to music. Ah, Toledo.

  6. Fav Holiday: Christmas just because of all the excitement, decor, festivities.

    Hallmark Holiday: Sweetest day and we don't really celebrate it. Unfortunately. :(

    Holiday tradition: getting our "large" gift at the very end. My parents pretended they didn't get us anything else. And it was hidden somewhere.

    New tradition: crepes for breakfast, before we open gifts. And just celebrating with my own family that my husband and I have built together.

  7. HOO-FREAKIN-RAY! It's about time...

    Favorite Holiday - Christmas. I LOVE shopping for people to try to come up with something special.

    Hallmark Holiday - Sweetest Day for SURE.

    Favorite Tradition - Gag gifts with my family. Someone kept the 6 foot pink panther and won't give it up...

    New Tradition - I am STOKED to start making cookies for Santa with Athena and tucking her in on Christmas Eve.

  8. Appetizer: What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?
    OH I love any holiday, but mostly Thanksgiving because there is nothing else surrounding it. You just get together (and eat of course). No presents, no eggs, no green beer, just family.

    Salad: What do you consider a 'Hallmark holiday'?
    Sweetest Day, SO DUMB!

    Main course: What was your favorite holiday tradition as a child? We would always exchange our gifts to each other (sisters only) on Christmas eve and then have a very special Christmas eve dinner - Little Ceasar's pizza.

    Dessert: What is your new favorite holiday tradition? Uh, same!

  9. My all time favorite Holiday is Christmas (lots of tradition) but I pretty much love them all!

    I think the way most of the world celebrates Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday. But we have some fun traditions that unhalmark it!

    As a child my favorite tradition was waking up really early to open stocking with my sisters while we waited for my parents to wake up.

    My favorite holiday tradition now...we all spend the night at my parents house on Christams Eve. I love that!