Twenty-five things....

I posted this on my Facebook page....and tagged a few people.

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25 totally random things about me:

1. I have two tattoos. And I would like to get a third.
2. I have six piercings - all in my ears.
3. I sued a former employer for pregnancy discrimination. And won.
4. The number of speeding tickets I've received: ZERO
5. I failed the Ohio Bar Exam seven times. Yes, you read that right. Seven times.
6. In the fourth grade, I received straight A's for the entire year.
7. I intentionally failed my last quarter of Algebra II in high school because the teacher refused to help me in class. I still graduated because I passed the semester with a "C".
8. I met my husband via online dating.
9. I believe in ghosts.
10. My dream job is syndicated columnist.
11. I have a tendency to say "fuck" a lot.
12. I converted to Catholicism when I was 29.
13. I am probably addicted to Starbucks.
14. I have a third blog, but have yet to update it. It's a work in progress.
15. I am addicted to all things related to Walt Disney World.
16. I'm obsessed with 'Twilight'
17. I pluck my gray hairs.
18. I used to be a newspaper reporter.
19. In the course of my lifetime, I have had 17 teeth pulled: 6 baby teeth in the 2nd grade, 3 baby teeth and 4 adult teeth in the 4th grade and 4 wisdom teeth in high school. Therefore, I only have 24 adult teeth (you should have 32 including the wisdom teeth).
20. I have a short fuse and a bad temper.
21. I wish I was 3 inches taller and 40 lbs thinner.
22. I had 2nd degree sunburn in the 7th grade. To this day I hate to lay in the sun.
23. I took Russian in college - at one point I was able to read and write in Russian.
24. I wanted to be an Olympic figure skater as a kid. Then I quit skating when I was 13.
25. I failed the eye test of my first driver's exam because I needed glasses and didn't know it. Apparently, I thought everything was SUPPOSED to be fuzzy.


  1. I love this! I loved reading about you.

  2. Me too!!!!
    I had hoped to give you something fun to do :)

  3. What neat things to learn about a person. Going to post my 25 on my blog- thanks for the idea!