A few of my favorite Daisy things...

I adopted Daisy from a local cat shelter in January 2001, when she was about 10 weeks old. I went to the shelter looking for a black cat...but found this adorable black and white kitty with super long whiskers and green eyes. She had me at meow.

Some of the funnier/endearing things Daisy did:
  • She purred as loud as an outboard motor. As a kitten, the purr was bigger than the cat.
  • When she was a kitten, Daisy would sleep at the foot of my bed, under the covers. She was my own personal foot warmer.
  • When it was just the two of us (before Gatsby and the rest of the family came into the picture), Daisy was my 'feline alarm clock.' Every morning she would lick my forehead when it was time to wake up. Nothing like sandpaper kisses to wake you up.
  • Whenever I was reading (or studying for the bar exam) Daisy would curl up on the magazine, book, newspaper I had in front of me as if to say "Hi. Remember me? I'd like some attention now, please."
  • As a kitten, she would run through my apartment and then jump on the front window screen, hanging on for dear life with her claws. Very cute.
  • Some of her favorite things to eat at one point or another: McDonald's fries, milkshakes, spaghetti, and of course...the milk left in my cereal bowl.
  • Ever the Alpha female of the household pets, when I adopted Gatsby in April 2001, Daisy scared her so much that Gatsby hid under a bed for about 4 hours. After that they were the best of friends.
  • Daisy had these adorable fangs -- her top incisors were so long...they really looked like fangs. But it was so cute. Sadly, they had to be pulled a few years ago when she lost all of her upper teeth.
  • Daisy used to sleep in the bathroom sink. I would come home from work and find her curled up in the sink. Very odd. She and Gatsby also used to play in the bathtub.
  • No matter where she was in the house, as soon as Daisy heard the can opener she would come running into the kitchen...because the sound of the can opener meant TUNA! And tuna was one of her favorite things. [Imagine her disappointment when it wasn't tuna, but was a can of green beans, instead!]
  • When Kevin and I brought Mollie (the dog) into the mix, Daisy once again had to show her who was boss. She would trap Mollie in a corner and hiss at her...of course, Mollie tried to fight back. They never did have a great relationship (I think Mollie really wanted to be the Alpha!)
  • Daisy loved to curl up on my lap and give me love -- she'd purr like crazy, pawing my face and neck and then the kissing would start. Honestly, she'd give you a bath if you let her.
  • When I was pregnant with Olivia, I think Daisy had some jealousy issues. She would (1) drape herself over my belly and purr loudly and (2) she slept in the crib from the day we set it up until the day we put Olivia in it. Then, Daisy never went near the crib again (although, my mother-in-law was convinced that Daisy would suffocate the baby..because that's what cats do. HA!)
  • Daisy was a bit of a thief...she would go into my purse (or diaper bag) and pull out Kleenex, paper, money...and then I would find the 'stolen' items in her water dish.
  • At any given holiday where giftwrap was involved, you could find Daisy buried at the bottom of the discarded wrapping paper...hiding. It was very adorable.
  • As sweet as she was, if you were a stranger...beware! Daisy would growl and hiss and look at you as if to say "what in the HELL are you doing in MY house with MY people?" Because of course, it was her house...we just happened to live there.


  1. "She had me at meow" Too cute.

    This was very sweet. Thinking of you in your time of loss.

  2. This was a great list, it sounded like she had alot of personality and was a wonderful cat! I am thinking of you and I hope Gatsby is doing ok.

    Oh and I love the bottom picture!! Daisy was bigger then your baby.

  3. @ mickey d: thank you. :)

    @ wk: yes, she had a lot of personality. and, at almost 13 lbs, she probably was bigger than emma in that photo. ;)

    gatsby is doing OK...it's worse @ night when she was used to curling up with daisy in their chair. now, she curls up on me and looks very sad. :(

  4. Mickey D - I was going to comment on, "She had me at meow", too.

    TLC - I think this is a great list.

    I smiled as I read the whole thing.

    And, I like a substantial cat. Good for Daisy's 13 lbs.

  5. I, too, like a substantial cat.

    How goes ghost cat?

  6. @ AthenaBee: well, i thought i saw her in the dining room the other day -- another one of her favorite spots. and Gatsby (my other kitty) has been hanging out in there all weekend. so...perhaps Daisy is still 'around'. :) [at least that's what i'm hoping for...]