Freaky Friday

So, my husband woke me up this morning with this statement..."They are reporting on the news that someone was fatally shot on our street."


Yeah. My neighborhood was the breaking news story on 13ABC this morning. Apparently, someone was fatally shot in a house in right down the road from me. This is rather unsettling...because they aren't releasing much information - as in, was this a domestic dispute or a home invasion?

The Blade has the story here.

Now, I don't live in a bad neighborhood. I live in Sylvania, for crying out loud. Our neighborhood is quiet, nice, and apparently not immune to violence.

My entire street is blocked by police tape and Sylvania police cars. 13ABC news is camped out too.

This is all rather disturbing.

Update: 12 p.m.
This is the updated story from The Blade.


  1. I have, unfortunately, had this happen to me quite a few times. It's very creepy!

  2. Wow! That is terrible! Sorry to hear.

  3. Holy crap. that's crazy that was on your street. And I feel bad for the two kids living in the house. Geez. Keep us updated!

  4. @ quiet oasis: yeah it was on my street. about 1/2 a block down from my house. it's really disturbing to know that someone was running a drug operation in my neighborhood! we live in a nice area...low crime, lots of kids, awesome schools. it makes no sense.

  5. Pot house and a murder..... whoa.
    My real estate partner showed a house in Bedford that had a meth lab in the barn. It happens everywhere.

  6. Oh, come on. Like you didn't know there was a pot house there....yeah, tell it to the cops.

  7. (so this is totally off subject, but today was Sam's benefit...and guess who one a gift certificate to your sister! HA! Me! Small, small world, isn't it!)

  8. @ sarah: that's awesome! :)