Pizza, vampires and brownies

Last night my sister and I went to mom's house and had a "girl's night in" - we ordered pizza, made brownies and watched "Twilight".

This was the first time mom had seen the movie (and probably the 10th time for me and my sister). A few days ago mom said "I think I'll watch 'Twilight' when your dad is out of town." We couldn't let her watch it by herself...so the girl's night "in" was planned.

And let me say this: my mom is now hooked on Edward Cullen & Co. As the final credits started to roll I said, "So, are you going to see 'New Moon' with us in November?" ... and mom just nodded her head 'yes'!

Oh yeah! We got mom hooked on Twilight! I'm taking her my paperback version of the book today and she even said "I might have to borrow the movie again - just in case I missed anything."

Ha! After months of teasing me and my sister over our "obsession" with Twilight...mom finally gets it!

We're so proud of her.

As an added 'vampire bonus', mom also watched 'True Blood' with us last night (and I have to say this: best episode of the season!)...but I think she prefers her vampires as sparkly vegetarians!

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