Mommy, she said "butt"

Today has just been one of 'those' days, I tell ya. The PMS fairy has sprinkled me with her moody and irritable pixie dust, so I'm easily annoyed.

I took the girls to Target this afternoon after Liv came home from kindergarten (and yes, the bus actually was ON time for drop off..shocking!). We were sitting in the little Target 'cafe' eating lunch (yep...I'm mother of the year ... hot dogs at Target for lunch today!). And, of course, Emma kept getting out of her seat and running around, so I said "Emma sit on your butt."

Sit. On. Your. Butt.

It's the same thing I always tell my kids. And yes, I always use the word 'butt'. That's what it is, it's your BUTT.

There was a woman with two kids sitting a mere two tables over and her little girl said "Mommy, she said 'sit on your butt'!" And her mother said (rather loudly, so as to make sure I didn't miss any of it), "Yes, I know. Mommy says 'tushie' or 'bottom', doesn't she?"

OK fine. So you say tushie. Or bottom. Whatever. To each her own.

It's not as if I said "Hey Emma, sit on your ASS!"

And then for the next 10 minutes Captain of the Language Police at the other table proceeds to repeat over and over and over again these two phrases "Sally, sit on your TUSHIE!" or "Sally, sit on your BOTTOM!"....always emphasizing tushie or bottom.

Ugh. That just irked me. A lot.

You say po-tay-toe, I say...BUTT.

See, I told you...I'm easily annoyed today.

But there was a high point to my Target excursion (and Quiet Oasis, you will appreciate this, bargain hunter that you are!).

I've been wanting to buy one of those Glade 'Sense & Spray' automatic air freshener things for our basement because the dogs are always down there and well, it tends to smell like dogs.

So, I had a coupon for $4 off the price of any starter kit...and lo and behold, Target had them on sale for $5.69 (normally they are $8.99) --- so (wait for it) ... I got my Sense & Spray for a mere $1.69! Oh yeah.

High point of my day.


  1. At least you were revived by the bargain... a gem for having to put up with that woman. Happy bargain dance for you!!!! Woo-hoo!

    You are right, you didn't say "ass". Geez. And why does she care? I say butt. But if I didn't.... all she needed to do was lean over and whisper to her daughter "I know she said 'butt' but we don't say that." and that'd be the end of conversation.

    People are so freakin' weird. You come into contact with all the nutso's, I swear.

  2. Just so you know, we totally say butt in our house as well and I got "in trouble" by saying that over the weekend.

    We were on vacation visiting my roommate from college and her family. She has a 5 y.o. girl and I said to my son, "Sit on your butt." The little girl was like, "Oooohhh. She said butt."

    So, I corrected myself and said "bottom" and then my friend and her daughter let. it. go. like they should have. It wasn't a problem in my situation.

    Really, person at Target today, "It's a BUTT."

  3. Like in Nemo..."He touched the butt..."
    Whatever, don't let Judgey-McJudgerson bother you. Her kids are sheltered.

  4. Judgey-McJudgerson....oh, Iris Took...that made me chuckle. loudly.