I like ghosts.

No, really...I do.

I'm a fan of Ghost Hunters on SyFy and Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. The paranormal intrigues me. I really do believe in ghosts.

And, on May 22 of next year, I get to go on a real ghost hunt!!!

I'm just a little (OK, a lot!) excited about this.

Kevin and I signed up for an all night ghost hunt at the Ohio State Reformatory (also called Mansfield Reformatory). Did you ever see The Shawshank Redemption? It's THAT prison. And, it's haunted. It's also been listed as one of the scariest places on Earth.For information on the overnight hunts, go here.

Basically we get to ghost hunt from 8 pm until dawn -- on our own, after learning the 'rules' of ghost hunting. We can bring cameras, recorders, thermometers, etc. - any tools we might need to find the ghosts! (But, no cell phones).

Overnight. In a haunted prison. So cool.

I cannot wait.

[Both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have investigated here -- as have many other paranormal teams -- and I believe all have found it to be haunted].


  1. That is SO cool! I'm very jealous! We went ghost hunting last summer at an abandoned railroad tunnel and had a blast.

  2. i cannot wait to do this! i've never been on a ghost hunt...so it'll be a new experience, that's for sure.

    did you see/hear any ghosts on your hunt?

  3. OMG. I'd be terrified to do that. (I don't even watch scary movies. Ever. Not even during the day.)

    How fun for you and your husband, though.


  4. Sounds crazy but I love it! Have a good time! When do you go?

  5. My mom and her friends just visited this prison, but during the day. There was a couple on the same tour who were Ghost Hunters and came along just in case they saw something (which they didn't).

    Note: I would NEVER spend the night there. Ever. I'd be a little nervous to enter during the day..... but YOU have fun!!!!