Yeah, I bought my tickets 2 weeks ago...so what?

That's right....two weeks ago I purchased my tickets to New Moon (I refuse to call it The Twilight Saga: New Moon, because that's just a stupid name. It's New Moon. Period.)

There is a group of us going in the middle of the afternoon on opening day ... and we're hoping (against hope, I'm sure) to avoid many of the screaming tweens because, well, they should still be in school at showtime.

We hope they are still in school and didn't decide to stay home just to watch [SPOILER ALERT] Edward leave Bella.

And then, once that showing is over we're going to grab dinner and drinks and deconstruct the movie and then we're going to see it again. For a second time. On the same day.

Oh yeah, that's right. I'll be watching New Moon twice in one day.

And that makes me very, very happy.


  1. That's hilarious (a good hilarious) that you are seeing it twice in one day. :) See, being unemployed is looking good right now, huh? But I'm sure you'd have taken the day off. :)

  2. lol.

    if i was still @ BGSU, my day off was Friday so i wouldn't have needed to take the day off. but if i had been hired for a new job somewhere, i would have waited to see it after 5 pm. :)

    either way, i cannot wait!!!

  3. I am holding off on going opening weekend--just because of the squealing teen problem. I am off the whole next week, so I plan on going on Monday/Tuesday or hell, maybe both days to see it whilst the youngin's are still in school.

    I cannot wait to see your review and I am totally excited that we are down to just about 2 weeks!!!

  4. oh believe me, i WILL throw things at any screaming tweens! hahaha.

    i cannot wait for november 20th!!!!!