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So, last month the prez signed legislation that extended unemployment benefits "up to 14 additional weeks...for claimants in all states, and another 6 weeks of extended benefits for claimants in states such as Ohio with high unemployment rates." (From the ODJFS Web site).

And silly me, I thought this was a good thing.

What I failed to realize was that in order to benefit from this 'extension' you had to exhaust your current unemployment benefits before the end of this year.

Guess when mine run out?
January 3, 2010.


So, right now I will run out of unemployment benefits in two weeks and well, let's just say that is going to SCREW with the family budget.

I really feel like crying right now.

Now it's not as if I actually ENJOY collecting unemployment. I don't enjoy it. I'd rather be working and earning a paycheck. But this is the lot I was dealt and I'm trying to make lemonade from these lemons, blah blah blah. I am managing to budget things just so and we haven't really had to dip into our savings. Unemployment has been a good thing to have these last few months. Every little bit helps, you know.

But now, I wonder what we're going to do without that extra "little bit".
I was not stressing out (more than normal) a few hours ago.
And then I read all the details about the federal extension and well...now I have a huge knot in the pit of my stomach.

Just what I needed three days before Christmas.

According to the ODJFS, on Dec. 16th the House of Representatives approved a two-month extension for the federal benefits - however (and there's always a "however") they are now waiting to see IF the legislation passes the Senate. [My dad says it's on a 'fast track' to be passed and I should be OK -- but he's the optimist in the family. I see the glass as half-empty. Always.]

I swear, it's always something.


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