I was thinking about my online presence yesterday.

I remember way back when (in 1995 actually, right after I graduated from college), I had just ONE e-mail address. And that's it. No Facebook, no Twitter, no blogs.

The internet was just a wee little thing....no one really knew what to do with it.

Fast forward to 2009....

I currently have FOUR e-mail addresses. Yes, four. And one more that is only for a 'job' I'll mention later.

I write three blogs: this one, that one, and that one.

I was recently asked to be the blog manager for a friend's blog (this is where the 5th e-mail comes into play).

I am on Facebook.
More often than I should be probably.

I live on Twitter. (Well actually on Tweetdeck...)
I have 226 followers and follow 405 people.
Not high numbers by any stretch of the imagination...but it keeps me busy.
(And yes, at least 200 of the people I follow are Disney-related....go figure).

I have about 600 bookmarks - (more than 100 of those bookmarks are Disney-related - blogs, web sites, travel planning, etc).

I read news online.
I bank online.
I chat online.

Oh yes, I'm on Google chat and I have a Google wave (and I'm not sure what to do with that!).

And to add to this madness, I also am a proud (and addicted) Blackberry owner -- and I'm always checking e-mail, tweets and Facebook.
My mom said to me yesterday, "Does your phone beep like that all the time?"
Um, yes it does Mom, yes it does.


  1. You know how people talk about their 'carbon footprint'? I would love to know what people's 'internet footprint' looks like. I too have five e-mail addresses: one for school, one for work, one used primarily for spam (all of my Ticketmaster, Gamestop, Cosmo, etc. newsletters), one used for professional correspondence (AKA, when I get a job and need a normal e-mail address), and lastly the one I've had since I was 13. That's right. My 8 year old e-mail adddress is still used.

    I have a Facebook and a Twitter. I used to have a Myspace. And a Xanga (an online diary, of sorts). I also currently have a (semi-used) blog.

    Not to mention the countless screennames I've used over the years.

    Videogames and movies are now mostly used online. I mostly play vidoegames when I can play with another person on another system, simply by hooking them up online. And I watch Netflix fairly often.

    My life, now that I think about it, thrives around the internet. Don't know if it's good or bad...

  2. i know...it's crazy! when i stopped to think about it, i wondered how i ever lived without the Internet. :)

  3. I have 4 email addresses, a severe Facebook addiction, MySpace for music playlists, 2 blogs, a charity auction site, I bank online, pay ALL bills online, AND have a Blackberry. When I was out of town and my Blackberry went offline I.FREAKED.OUT. I've been like this since I was in high school and don't see an end.

    Oh, and I also did 100% of my Christmas shopping online. My UPS guy is getting a workout.

  4. oh yeah...when my crackberry goes wonky i TOTALLY freak out. :)