Yes, it's true...I am (nearly) wordless on Wednesday

So, this whole 'blog every day for a month' has pretty much been a failure this month. I'm thinking February was not the month to do this - I mean, sure...it IS the shortest month of the year, but here in NW Ohio it also tends to be rather dreary. And I don't know about you, but endless days of snow and gray skies and cold temps make me want to curl up on the couch and not blog. I'm just not in a bloggy kind of mood.

Don't get me wrong - some of this month has been FABULOUS. For example - the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. That was three days of wonderful. And I could blog about that for the next four days of February ... but I won't. I think three posts recapping the three days is enough (at least for you, my dear readers). [My birthday was also wonderful, so February gets 'props' for two good things].

And now?

Now I'm just waiting for March to arrive. And hoping that when it does arrive, February will bow out gracefully and take the snow with her. Because I'm pretty much over the whole 'snow every day' thing. Yeah, we live in Ohio but c'mon - one or two days of snow a year would be sufficient. This snowing every day for a week...it's not funny, Mother Nature.

And so, here's hoping next week brings sunshine, thoughts of spring (March 20th...first day of spring!) and more blogging.


  1. I think it is really hard to blog every day. Some days, I don't blog and other days, I post 3 times. Being forced to a creative schedule is not always natural.

  2. In order to celebrate the coming of March I have decided to get myself a pedicure. The secon it hits 50, the flippy floppies are coming out.

    COME ON SPRING!!!!!!